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Are pets allowed?

With the exception of service animals, Kukui Plaza is a pet free building. 

Where can my guest park?

Guest parking is not provided at Kukui Plaza. However there is a public parking lot located off of S. Kukui St. 

Can my guest park in my stall?

Only registered vehicles are allowed to park inside the Residential Parking lot. Any unregistered vehicles will be towed at the owner's expense. 

Where can my contractor park?

Contractor parking is not allowed on property. Loading and unloading, however, is permitted in the loading zones. For help scheduling a delivery please speak to the Security Department. 

Why does my door have to be closed?

Your door has to be closed due to fire code. The door of your unit is fire rated, and in the event of the fire will help keep the fire contained. 

How long can I park in the Loading Zone?

Loading Zone parking is 15 minutes. 

I'm interested in buying/renting a unit. Can you help?

All of Kukui Plaza's units are owned by individual owners. The Management Office is not invovled with the renting and/or selling of units. We recommend that you contact a licensed Real Estate Professional and have them assist you in your search. 

My internet/cable is down. Can you fix it?

With the exception of water, all utilities are submetered for each unit. If one of your utilities that is other than water stops working you need to contact your service provider directly. 

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