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Kukui Plaza is a condominium complex located in the heart of downtown Honolulu.  In the late 1960s, redevelopment and revitalization of Honolulu’s Central Business District was of concern to many people in the community.  The problems Honolulu faced were similar to those being addressed by many mainland cities - attrition and obsolescence in the urban core to the detriment of the remaining residents and businesses and the cities as a whole.


As a result, in the early 1970's, the City and County of Honolulu redirected its attention to revitalization of Honolulu’s central business district to address Oahu’s critical housing needs.  The City adopted a "housing-oriented, mixed-use facilities" concept, which fostered the dual goal of revitalizing the central business district while providing much needed housing.  The Kukui district was designated for this purpose and block "G" was designated as the site for Kukui Plaza, a mixed-use condominium project developed by Oceanside Properties, Inc.


Kukui Plaza was lauded as "a magnificent residential structure comprised of 908 condominium apartments, a 2.6 acre park for residents, a 1811-stall parking garage and a shopping mall with approximately 30 stores and restaurants tailored for resident convenience just a few steps from their elevator."  The project is the largest condominium in Hawai`i, with an estimated 6,000 people living, working or passing through the complex each day.  Kukui Plaza’s Declaration specifies project administration is vested in the Association of Owners, in accordance with the Bylaws, which places governance of the Association in its Board of Directors.  The nine Directors who are owners, or co-owners, of one or more Kukui Plaza units collectively have the power and duty to administer the affairs of the Association, within the constraints of its Declaration and Bylaws, and the mandate of current State law.


In 1981, the Board determined it was in the best overall interest of Kukui Plaza to be a self-managed property.  As such, the Association does not engage the services of a managing agent, nor does it bear that cost.

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